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  • 内宮正宮1
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Naiku is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. Here is dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami, the ancestral deity of the Imperial family and also the tutelary deity of the nation. When you cross Uji Bridge, the extensive inner shrine precincts of Naiku are marked by a Japanese cypress, which serves as a torii (gateway). The immense grounds, through which the Isuzu River flows, include twelve auxiliary jinjas as well as the main shrine dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami.

Basic Information

Address 三重県伊勢市宇治舘町1
Website Visit Website
Business Hours From Jan to Apr:5am to 6pm
From May to Aug:5am to 7pm
Sep:5am to 6pm
From Oct to Dec:5am to 5pm
Directions Get off at "Naikumae", which is a bus stop approx 20 minutes from JR or Kintetsu "Ise Shi" station by geku-naiku loop-line bus
Notes Ise Jingu (Naiku, Geku) has a map in foreign language.
When you would like to need the map in your language, please ask at each entrances of Naiku and Geku.
There has prepared English and Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian.

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