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  • 内宮正宮1
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Naiku is the most venerable sanctuary in Japan. Here is dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami, the ancestral deity of the Imperial family and also the tutelary deity of the nation. When you cross Uji Bridge, the extensive inner shrine precincts of Naiku are marked by a Japanese cypress, which serves as a torii (gateway). The immense grounds, through which the Isuzu River flows, include twelve auxiliary jinjas as well as the main shrine dedicated to Amaterasu-omikami.

Basic Information

Address 三重県伊勢市宇治舘町1
Website Visit Website
Business Hours From Jan to Apr:5am to 6pm
From May to Aug:5am to 7pm
Sep:5am to 6pm
From Oct to Dec:5am to 5pm
Directions Get off at "Naikumae", which is a bus stop approx 20 minutes from JR or Kintetsu "Ise Shi" station by geku-naiku loop-line bus

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