National Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.

The Jingu Agriculture Museum, established in 1891, is Japan's oldest museum of industry and agriculture. With the theme of "How to make the best use of natural products", it exhibits materials related to the Jingu's imperial estate and valuable items related to agriculture, forestry, and fisheries of the Meiji period. Like the Choko-kan, it was designed by Tokuma Katayama. Both the Jingu Choko-kan Museum and Agriculture Museum have been designated as National Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.

Basic Information

Address 三重県伊勢市神田久志本町1754-1
Business Hours From 9am to 4:30pm
Days Closed for Business Thursday
Price 500Yen:Adult,100Yen:Elementary and junior high school students
Directions Get off at "Choko-kan Mae", which is a bus stop from "Ise-shi Eki" by bus

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