Special feature on alcoholic beverages to enjoy in Iseshima-1

Special feature on alcoholic beverages to enjoy in Iseshima

Iseshima is known as Miketsukuni for being a region that provides food to the Emperor, and Iseshima cuisine was served to the global leaders attending the G7 Summit. 
The regional cuisine is even better if you combine it with Iseshima's sake.
This is a special feature on sake that will enhance your enjoyment of meals.

Iseman Naiku-mae Sake Brewery: Japan's smallest sake brewery

Iseman Naiku-mae Sake Brewery is located in the Okage Yokocho area of Oharai-machi, the town of Ise Jingu. In this small brewery, the sake is mainly made by hand.
The brand Okagesama, which expresses gratitude to the great gods and nature, is popular for its elegant ginjo aroma and mellow taste that is unique to Japanese sake.
Sake, shochu, and liqueurs are available to drink at the store. Why don't you try to find your favorite?

Kadoya Beer: From Ise to the world!

Ise Kadoya Beer makes beer using brewing techniques cultivated through soy sauce and miso production. It is now one of the top producers of craft beer in Japan, and its quality has been recognized in numerous international competitions.
The brewery is characterized by releasing new and limited edition beers almost monthly, ranging from crisp and refreshing to bold and rich beers.
Why don't you try comparing the beers at the directly managed stores in front of the Naiku inner shrine and Geku outer shrine of Ise Jingu?

Michiyukugama: Sake to save abandoned fields and rice paddies?

Michiyukugama is a small community in Minamiise Town with a population of 37, where descendants of the Heike family live. The local residents are growing rice by saving abandoned fields and rice paddies while maintaining close ties with university students, the government, and various people in and outside the town.
The sake "Junmai Ginjo Michiyukugama" made from the cultivated Kami-no-Ho brewer's rice is characterized by its fruity flavor and smoothness.
It is a boast-worthy product imbued with the sentiments of the community.

Hakutaka Miyake Shoten: Sake offered to the gods

Hakutaka is a "Jingu Imperial Sake" that is used daily as an offering at Ise Jingu. Hakutaka Miyake Shoten is the only store that carries the special limited edition sake made by the brewery.
The store is located in Oharai-machi, and is perfect to drop by when visiting Ise Jingu.
Hakutaka special limited edition sake can be enjoyed in the store along with fried eggs and a feast-like set of delicacies that are popular among the regular customers.

Akenosakumotsu: Produced by local high school students!

Akenosakumotsu is a junmai ginjo sake produced by high school students from Mie Prefectural Akeno High School in Ise City, in collaboration with a long-established sake brewery and a local sake store.
Local high school students are involved in every step of the process, from making the brewer's rice, to helping with the sake brewing, to designing and attaching the label.
The sake has a fruity taste with a wine-like mouthfeel and is recommended for the younger generation!

Kinko Shochu: Shochu made from the snacks of ama divers!?

Kinko is a dried sweet potato snack made from Hayato sweet potato, a Shima specialty. In Iseshima, it has been popular as a snack for ama divers.
Shishu Hayato is shochu made with Kinko that has been exposed to the sun and sea breeze of Iseshima. It is available in two varieties: the premium Gold variety made using only the sweet potato flesh, and the Standard variety for everyday enjoyment made using the sweet potato flesh and skin.
The aroma and firm sweetness of the Kinko go perfectly with the snacks of Iseshima!

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