Enjoy your travel without your baggage!

  • 鳥羽駅手荷物配送カウンター
You can travel in Toba city and Ise city, Shima city as empty-handed.
If you leave your baggage until 14:00, they will send to your hotel in Ise city.
And leave your baggage until 13:00, they will send to your hotel in Toba city and Shima city.
Besides, They can delivery your baggage to all around Japan.



Basic Information

Address 〒517-0011 1Toba city, Mie
Telephone Number 080-6698-9622
Website Toba Tourism Association
Business Hours 9:00~16:00
Price 【Baggage Storage service】
 Storage fee…¥500/1 baggage
 Available Time…9:00~16:00

【Baggage Delivery service】
・Delivery to your hotel in IseShima area
 Delivery fee…¥1,000/1 baggage
 Available Time ( To Ise city )…9:00~14:00
 Available Time ( To Toba city and Shima city )…9:00~13:00

・Delivery to Iseshi station or Ujiyamada station
 Delivery fee…¥907 / 1 baggage
 Available Time…9:00~12:30
 Receiving Time…15:00~17:20
( Iseshi Station, Ujiyamada Sta )
・Delivery to all around Japan
※Delivery fee…Depends on your baggage size and weight.
 Available Time…9:00~15:00
Document Delivery Tariff ( Japanese)

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