Whole region is a part of Ise-Shima National Park

Take a regular liner to the individualistic islands from Toba city need 10 minutes in the shortest, 40 minutes in the longest. Especially beautiful sunset and fascinating views which can be met at anywhere and will make tourists love it. In those islands, Ama (female diver) catch fish in the traditional fishing method "Free Diving", sea urchins, abalone, turban shell and other seafood is very fresh, "octopus rice" and so the island's food culture is endless charming too. Feel the rich nature with your five sences and make you want staying there for enjoy it !

Basic Information

Address 三重県鳥羽市鳥羽1丁目2383-51(鳥羽マリンターミナル)
Directions Approx 5 minutes on foot from JR or Kintetsu"Toba" station

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