Town of Painters

  • ギャラリー前からの様子
This gallery is located in Daio Town, Shima City, where it is said that numerous artists gathered in order to use the magnificent views of Shima-city Daiosaki lighthouse and the sloping stone pavement paths as subjects for their art, and is also used as the City Office's Daio Branch. The 3rd floor houses a memorial hall for Kamesuke Hiraga, an oil painter who was originally from Shima, and the 2nd floor is the site of events that include exhibitions of paintings possessed by the city.

Basic Information

Address 三重県志摩市大王町波切3234-2
Telephone Number 0599-72-4336
Business Hours 9am to 5pm
Days Closed for Business Tuesday and Wednesday
December 28 to January 4
Price free of charge
Directions Approx 1 minutes on foot from "Daiou Shisyo Mae", Which is a bus stop from Kintetsu "Ugata" station by bus.

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