A having the experience the making Kamaboko (boiled fish-paste) or your own chopsticks

  • かまぼこ作り体験風景
  • 作り方をレクチャーしてもらいます
  • 十分に練りこんだらかまぼこ板にのせます
  • 出来たてをつまみ食い
  • かまぼこ作り体験風景
  • 作り方をレクチャーしてもらいます
  • 十分に練りこんだらかまぼこ板にのせます
  • 出来たてをつまみ食い
You can try the traditional method of KAMABOKO. Wakamatsuya has been doing the business for more than 100 years.
Make KAMABOKO by yourself and taste your KAMABOKO!
After the making KAMABOKO, you can enjoy shopping. They have many type of KAMABOKO. Find your favorite flavor!

Besides, They have the other program, which you can make your own chopsticks!

Making Kamaboko…make your reservation 1 week before.
Making your own chopsticks…If it is available, you can book on the day.



Basic Information

Address 〒516-0009 1-9-28 KawasakiIse city, Mie
Telephone Number 0120-23-1721
Website Wakamatsuya HP (Japanese)
Business Hours 9:30~15:00

・Making Kamaboko
※ They will reply, so please permit this e-mail address.
TEL…0120-23-1721 (9:00~16:30)

・Making your own chopsticks
Days Closed for Business The end of year and New year
Price ・Making Kamaboko
¥1,500 / 1 person (60 min)
※Cash only.

・Making chopsticks
¥1,000 / 1 person (60 min)
Document Wakamatsuya Map (Japanese)

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