Introduce the Shikinen Sengu ceremonies of Ise Jingu to the public

The Sengu Museum is a museum established in 2012 to introduce the Shikinen Sengu ceremonies of Ise Jingu to the public. Detailed models and materials showing the methods of producing items used for the Shikinen Sengu are on display in the museum, and it is involved in activities based on the idea of conveying the spirit of prayer and the outstanding skill and techniques of the Japanese people to future generations, along with the traditions of the Shikinen Sengu itself.
The ceremonies of the Shikinen Sengu are presented through a wealth of video resources and models that depict its important rituals. The methods of producing the Onshouzoku Shinpo, items that are offered to the deity, are explained using materials that faithfully recreate the way they are made anew while using ancient methods, and then presented as offerings. However, the highlight of the museum is its full-scale model of the Geku main sanctuary, an area which is forbidden to entry by the general public. This model was built by jinja carpenters using the same materials as the actual construction, and made to clearly replicate the building structure known as "shinmei-zukuri" Visitors can borrow audio terminals at no charge that provide descriptions of the museum exhibits in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and Korean, in efforts to promote the understanding of Ise Jingu and the Shikinen Sengu in an international capacity.

Basic Information

Address 三重県伊勢市豊川町126-1
Telephone Number 0596-22-6263
Website Visit Website
Business Hours 9am to 4:30pm
Directions Approx 5 minutes on foot from JR or Kintetsu"Ise Shi" station

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