Talking with Ama women diver and enjoy local seafood.

Ama Hut is to warm themselves after Ama fishing.
You can enjoy the local seafood B.B.Q and, on the season, you can have ise spiny lobster or abalone at Ama hut experience.
The B.B.Q in Ama hut is the special environment and will be one of the best memories in your Japan trip!
Besides, You can talk with Ama. Their hospitality is extremely great! They will let you know about their history and own experiences.

You should visit Ama Hut Experience, when you visit ISESHIMA area in Mie, Japan.



Basic Information

Address 三重県
Notes In Toba City
■Ama Hut Hachiman (海女小屋はちまんかまど)
■Osatsu Kamaso(相差かまど)

In Shima City
■Ama Hut SATOUMIAN(海女小屋体験施設 さとうみ庵)

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