SATOYAMA & SATOUMI into which is woven a rich tapestry of history, life of the people, and nature

Stretching about 50 km east to west and about 40 km north to south, ISESHIMA National Park occupies a large part of the SHIMA Peninsula, including the coastline that runs from FUTAMIURA in ISE City (MIE Prefecture) to KOWAURA Bay in MINAMIISE Town in WATARAI-gun, as well as the steep range of hills on the inland area. The theme of the park is that of a "SATOYAMA (semi-natural areas) & SATOUMI (coastal area where biological productivity and biodiversity has increased through human interaction) into which is woven a rich tapestry of the long history of ISE JINGU, life of the people, and nature."
The region, which is made up of a beautiful scenic landscape consisting of elements such as a ria coastline, coastal terrain of sea cliffs and caves, marine landscape of seaweed beds and tidal flats, vegetation mainly made up of evergreen broad-leaf trees, and the human landscape, has been recognized as one of the finest, most outstanding landscapes in Japan. On November 20, 1946, the area was designated as the nation’s first post-war national park.



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