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Historic Sites    Shima-shi

Katada Inari Jinja

Painted with colorful flowers and birds by a prominent local artist.

Since it was established in the mid-19th century, this shrine has attracted worshippe…

Historic Sites    Minamiise-cho


Many women visit the shrine to be blessed with easy deliveries and breast milk.

Long ago, the shintai, an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to…

Culture    Toba-shi

Osatsu Ama Museum

Visitors can have a simulation experience using tools to remove abalones from rock surfaces.

This museum is dedicated to the culture and history of Ama. Exhibits include material…

Dining etc    Minamiise-cho

Co., Ltd. Masaya Dekotan Yokan

This is certified as a Minamiise brand product.

This is a jelly that uses mandarin oranges called "Dekotan," which is cultivated in G…

Culture    Ise-shi

The Museum of Shinto and Japanese Culture, Kogakkan University

Its public displays include a wealth of precious items such as the main pillars of the Ujibashi Bridge, special shinsen models, and local materials on subjects such as Ise kabuki and archaeology.

A museum facility affiliated with Kogakkan University and opened in 1992, it serves t…

Nature    Toba-shi


Stone direction marker remains from the Edo Period

Hiyoriyama is a 68 m mountain situated to the west side of Toba Station. Today there …

Historic Sites etc    Watarai-cho


This temple became a major foothold of the Southern Court and Emperor Godaigo

When the imperial family divided into the Southern and Northern Courts in the 1300s, …

Culture    Ise-shi

Ozaki Gakudo Memorial House

father of parliamentary government

This house was built to commemorate the achievements of politician Yukio (Gakudo) Oza…

Culture    Ise-shi


Located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku.

Furuichi, located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku, became Ise's busiest…

Historic Sites etc    Toba-shi

Saimyoji Tera de Cafe

This temple offers a handson experience called "Tera de Cafe,"

Saimyoji lies in the Adako Town area in the southern part of Toba. This temple offers…

Culture    Ise-shi

Front Approach to Meoto-iwa

Japanese-style inns and small modest souvenir shops standing side by side.

The front approach to Meoto-iwa still retains a pronounced early-1900s flavor, with J…

Historic Sites    Toba-shi

Amakazukime Jinja

Amakazukime jinja is worshipped by local Ama

Amakazukime jinja is dedicated to a legendary Ama named "Oben", who is said to have p…

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

Wkamatsuya Kamaboko factory (Kawasaki head quater)

A having the experience the making Kamaboko (boiled fish-paste) or your own chopsticks

You can try the traditional method of KAMABOKO. Wakamatsuya has been doing the busine…

Date: 年末年始以外

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

Ise Tourist Information(Futamiura)

Need some information of Futami area visit here!

They have information of Futami area in Ise City, and IseShima area. During your tra…

What to See & Do    Shima-shi

ISESHIMA Country Club

Playing Golf in the Narional Park!!

Shima City where in IseShima area is has many beautiful golf courses, so that mean yo…

What to See & Do    Shima-shi


Golf & Resort in IseShima is...

NEMU GOLF CLUB is the part of NEMU RESORT. NEMU RESORT has Hotel NEMU as well, so you…

What to See & Do    Shima-shi


One of the Traditional Golf Course in ISESHIMA

Shima City where in IseShima area is has many beautiful golf courses, so that mean yo…

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

Futamiura Beach

The First Beach in Japan!

Futamiura beach is the first beach in Japan. This beach has opened in every summer si…

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

OISE-san Guide

Learning about Ise-Jingu which Spiritual home of Jananese!

Ise Jingu has two main shrines which be called Naiku and Geku are. The guide voluntee…