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Historic Sites    Ise City

Awamiko Jinja

Awamiko jinja retains the tradition of offering meals to Yamatohime-no-mikoto.

Located on the cape of the west coast of Ikenoura, Awamiko jinja is the closest jinja…

Historic Sites    Shima City

Ukehi Jinja

This statue is popularly referred to as Hanakake Ebisu.

This shrine is dedicated to five male deities and three female deities closely associ…

Culture etc    Toba City

Toba City Guide Volunteer Center

The center is staffed by volunteers.

The center is staffed by volunteers, who assist visitors discover the city’s charms. …

Nature    Minamiise Town

Tsurugi Toge

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu. Those who climb "Kyorosa…

Historic Sites etc    Watarai Town


This temple became a major foothold of the Southern Court and Emperor Godaigo

When the imperial family divided into the Southern and Northern Courts in the 1300s, …

Historic Sites    Tamaki Town

Kou Jinja

A small shrine enshrined first as Sarutahiko-okami

A small shrine enshrined first as Sarutahiko-okami, a deity of Shinto, at the feet of…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Mishiodono Jinja

Salt is simmered in salt water from the salt fields of Mishiohama

Mishio-no-mamori-no-kami, or the guardian deity of salt that is dedicated to Ise Jing…

What to See & Do    Ise City

Himono-Juku ( Ise-head quater )

Popular dried fish and uncommon dried fish

The staff buy fresh fishes and process those fishes to dried fish almost everyday. A…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Remains of Gokasho Castle

Gokasho Castle was the castle of the powerful local clan, the Aisu, from the 14th to 16th centuries.

Now, the remains of a mountain castle at the top of a small hill surrounded by a bamb…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Sengu Jinja

Valuable treasures, such as paintings related to Japanese mythology have been dedicated to this shrine.

Sengu jinja is dedicated to Sarutahiko-okami and is said to have a deep affinity with…

Activities    Minamiise Town

Minamiise Taiken World

Minamiise Taiken World offers a variety of programs

Visitors can experience the area's lifestyles as they interact with the people of Min…

Historic Sites etc    Meiwa Town

Saiku Historical Museum

The Saiku Ruins and the history of Saiku and Saio.

This themed museum was opened with the purpose of studying, researching, exhibiting, …

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town


Many women visit the shrine to be blessed with easy deliveries and breast milk.

Long ago, the shintai, an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to…

Dining etc    Minamiise Town

Co., Ltd. Masaya Dekotan Yokan

This is certified as a Minamiise brand product.

This is a jelly that uses mandarin oranges called "Dekotan," which is cultivated in G…

Culture    Ise City

The Museum of Shinto and Japanese Culture, Kogakkan University

Its public displays include a wealth of precious items such as the main pillars of the Ujibashi Bridge, special shinsen models, and local materials on subjects such as Ise kabuki and archaeology.

A museum facility affiliated with Kogakkan University and opened in 1992, it serves t…

Historic Sites    Meiwa Town

Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

Visitors can also enjoy trying on costumes of genuine royalty and nobility, such as 12-layered ceremonial kimono

Visitors to the museum can experience the history and culture of the Heian period, wh…

What to See & Do    Ise City

【Cancelled】Futamiura Beach

The First Beach in Japan!

Futamiura beach is the first beach in Japan. This beach has opened in every summer si…