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Culture    Ise City

Front Approach to Meoto-iwa

Japanese-style inns and small modest souvenir shops standing side by side.

The front approach to Meoto-iwa still retains a pronounced early-1900s flavor, with J…

Nature    Shima City

Shima ohashi Bridge

Shima Pearl Bridge

The symbol of Shima City, this is an arch-shaped bridge also known as the Shima Pearl…

What to See & Do    Toba City

Toba Station baggage Service Center

Enjoy your travel without your baggage!

You can travel in Toba city and Ise city, Shima city as empty-handed. If you leave y…

What to See & Do    Ise City

Isekadoya Beer

Taste the most popular menu " Skewered Deep fried Oyster "

You can enjoy the many type of oyster dishes in a whole year. In the winter, you can…

What to See & Do    Shima City

ISESHIMA Country Club

Playing Golf in the Narional Park!!

Shima City where in IseShima area is has many beautiful golf courses, so that mean yo…

Historic Sites    Tamaki Town

Ruin of Tamaru castle

Famous spot for cherry blossoms

The castle built in 1336, is a symbol of Tamaki-cho and a historic monument which d…

Dining etc    Ise City


Iwato-mochi is covered with rich kinako flour (roasted soybean flour).

Iwato-mochi is rice cake associated with iwato kagura(ancient sacred performance). Co…

Shopping    Toba City

Aeon Toba store

Aeon Toba store is a shopping spot for Ise-Shima tourists and customers in Toba city.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon. As an anchor store of …

Shopping    Meiwa Town

Aeon Meiwa store

Aeon Meiwa store also enriches souvenirs of Ise-Shima specialty from daily shopping.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon & 8% tax-free.. Not onl…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Remains of Gokasho Castle

Gokasho Castle was the castle of the powerful local clan, the Aisu, from the 14th to 16th centuries.

Now, the remains of a mountain castle at the top of a small hill surrounded by a bamb…

Historic Sites    Toba City

Akasaki Jinja (Geku Massha)

Akasaki jinja worships the guardian deity for harvesting marine products.

Located in the secluded cove of Toba Bay, Akasaki jinja worships the guardian deity f…

Culture    Minamiise Town

Aisu no Yakata

Ikosai Aisu is respected by kendo enthusiasts as the founder of kendo.

Ikosai Aisu, a member of the Aisu clan that resided at Gokasho Castle, is respected b…

Activities    Toba City

Kaito Yumin Club

tour guide group that offers nature experience eco-tours

The Kaito Yumin Club is a tour guide group that offers nature experience eco-tours wh…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Awamiko Jinja

Awamiko jinja retains the tradition of offering meals to Yamatohime-no-mikoto.

Located on the cape of the west coast of Ikenoura, Awamiko jinja is the closest jinja…

Historic Sites    Shima City

Saminaga Jinja (Izawanomiya Shokansha)

The jinja is also known as Hootoshi no Yashiro.

This jinja is dedicated to the white-naped crane found bearing ears of rice in its be…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town


Many women visit the shrine to be blessed with easy deliveries and breast milk.

Long ago, the shintai, an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to…

Historic Sites    Toba City

Irako Seihaku's House

Seihaku Irako was a physician and also active as a successful poet until around 1940.

The clinic and residence in which Seihaku Irako (1877-1946), who was a physician and …

Historic Sites    Shima City


Ama visit at the beginning and end of the fishing season to worship.

Fudo Myoo (Acala), carved by Kobo-Daishi (Kukai) using his nails, is enshrined in Tsu…