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Shopping    Shima City

Aeon Ago store

Aeon Ago store also enriches souvenirs of Ise-Shima specialty from daily shopping.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon & 8% tax-free.. The par…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Sengu Jinja

Valuable treasures, such as paintings related to Japanese mythology have been dedicated to this shrine.

Sengu jinja is dedicated to Sarutahiko-okami and is said to have a deep affinity with…

Historic Sites    Matsusaka City

Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo

Matsusaka Castle was built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo, and remains a symbol of a city. W…

Culture    Ise City

Jingu Agriculture Museum

National Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.

The Jingu Agriculture Museum, established in 1891, is Japan's oldest museum of indust…

Historic Sites    Toba City


The museum reproduces the retro-feel of the streets of around 1955.

The house used by local artist, Junichi Iwata, who worked with detective novelist, Ra…

Activities    Shima City

Yokoyama Visitor Center

A general facility for learning about the nature of Iseshima through experience activities and video resources.

A general facility for learning about the nature of Iseshima through experience activ…

Activities    Minamiise Town

Shima Yacht Harbor

The first chairman of Shima Yacht Harbor is Shintaro Ishihara

Shima Yacht Harbor naturally features a yacht harbor, tennis courts, and accommodatio…

Culture    Ise City

The Sengu Museum

Introduce the Shikinen Sengu ceremonies of Ise Jingu to the public

The Sengu Museum is a museum established in 2012 to introduce the Shikinen Sengu cere…

Historic Sites    Shima City

Ukehi Jinja

This statue is popularly referred to as Hanakake Ebisu.

This shrine is dedicated to five male deities and three female deities closely associ…

Culture etc    Toba City

Toba City Guide Volunteer Center

The center is staffed by volunteers.

The center is staffed by volunteers, who assist visitors discover the city’s charms. …

Activities    Shima City

Shima Park Golf Course

The seaside location of the 45-hole Shima Park Golf Course.

"Park golf" is a casual form of golf that can be enjoyed by both adults and children …

Historic Sites etc    Meiwa Town

Saiku Historical Museum

The Saiku Ruins and the history of Saiku and Saio.

This themed museum was opened with the purpose of studying, researching, exhibiting, …

Historic Sites    Shima City

Katada Inari Jinja

Painted with colorful flowers and birds by a prominent local artist.

Since it was established in the mid-19th century, this shrine has attracted worshippe…

Culture    Ise City

Ozaki Gakudo Memorial House

father of parliamentary government

This house was built to commemorate the achievements of politician Yukio (Gakudo) Oza…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Mishiodono Jinja

Salt is simmered in salt water from the salt fields of Mishiohama

Mishio-no-mamori-no-kami, or the guardian deity of salt that is dedicated to Ise Jing…

Culture    Ise City


Located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku.

Furuichi, located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku, became Ise's busiest…

Historic Sites etc    Toba City

Saimyoji Tera de Cafe

This temple offers a handson experience called "Tera de Cafe,"

Saimyoji lies in the Adako Town area in the southern part of Toba. This temple offers…