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Historic Sites    Toba-shi

Amakazukime Jinja

Amakazukime jinja is worshipped by local Ama

Amakazukime jinja is dedicated to a legendary Ama named "Oben", who is said to have p…

Nature    Shima-shi

Shima ohashi Bridge

Shima Pearl Bridge

The symbol of Shima City, this is an arch-shaped bridge also known as the Shima Pearl…

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

Iseshi Station baggage storage service

Enjoy your travel without your baggage!

You can travel in Ise city and Toba city, Shima city as empty-handed. If you leave y…

Nature etc    Shima-shi

Shima Nature School

Where the Climate and Nature are your Teachers

Sea kayaking, crab fishing diving, and natural dyeing are nature-based activities whi…

Historic Sites    Tamaki-cho

Ruin of Tamaru castle

Famous spot for cherry blossoms

The castle built in 1336, is a symbol of Tamaki-cho and a historic monument which d…

Shopping    Shima-shi

Aeon Ago store

Aeon Ago store also enriches souvenirs of Ise-Shima specialty from daily shopping.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon & 8% tax-free.. The par…

Historic Sites    Meiwa-cho

Saiku Heian Era Park

(Japan Heritage)Reconstructed buildings from the beginning of the 9th century.

Saiku Heian Era Park opened in October 2015 in Yanagihara District, one of the areas …

Culture    Ise-shi

The Sengu Museum

Introduce the Shikinen Sengu ceremonies of Ise Jingu to the public

The Sengu Museum is a museum established in 2012 to introduce the Shikinen Sengu cere…

Culture etc    Toba-shi

Toba City Guide Volunteer Center

The center is staffed by volunteers.

The center is staffed by volunteers, who assist visitors discover the city’s charms. …

Historic Sites etc    Watarai-cho


This temple became a major foothold of the Southern Court and Emperor Godaigo

When the imperial family divided into the Southern and Northern Courts in the 1300s, …

Nature    Shima-shi


Located just about at the center of Ago Bay

A small island located just about at the center of Ago Bay with a quiet, tranquil atm…

Dining etc    Ise-shi

Akafuku Mochi

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste.

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste. This unique shape symbolizes…

Nature    Shima-shi

Gozamisaki Lighthouse

The westernmost tip of the Shima Peninsula

Gozamisaki, located in the western part of Goza Shirahama which is famous as a swimmi…

Culture    Ise-shi


Located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku.

Furuichi, located along the main road connecting Geku and Naiku, became Ise's busiest…

Activities    Shima-shi

Shinju no Sato

Visitors can also try their hand at making accessories from harvested pearls.

Shinju no Sato offers visitors simulated experiences of the various pearl farming pro…

Historic Sites etc    Toba-shi

Saimyoji Tera de Cafe

This temple offers a handson experience called "Tera de Cafe,"

Saimyoji lies in the Adako Town area in the southern part of Toba. This temple offers…

Culture    Shima-shi

Anori Shrine

The meaning of name is riding on the wave of better fortune safely

Chinese letters 「An」and「Noru」are means safety and ride so Anori shrine means "riding …

What to See & Do    Ise-shi

Wkamatsuya Kamaboko factory (Kawasaki head quater)

A having the experience the making Kamaboko (boiled fish-paste) or your own chopsticks

You can try the traditional method of KAMABOKO. Wakamatsuya has been doing the busine…

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