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Nature etc    Shima City

Shima Nature School

Where the Climate and Nature are your Teachers

Sea kayaking, crab fishing diving, and natural dyeing are nature-based activities whi…

Dining etc    Ise City


Iwato-mochi is covered with rich kinako flour (roasted soybean flour).

Iwato-mochi is rice cake associated with iwato kagura(ancient sacred performance). Co…

Culture    Shima City

Shiobotoke (Buddha of the Tides)

Shiobotoke is a stone Buddha statue that is submerged in the sea.

Shiobotoke is a stone Buddha statue that is submerged in the sea. Worshipped by Ama, …

Culture    Ise City

Jingu Choko-kan Museum

The Onshouzoku Shinpo items

The Jingu Choko-kan Museum, established in 1909, is a general museum for the history …

Culture    Ise City

The Sengu Museum

Introduce the Shikinen Sengu ceremonies of Ise Jingu to the public

The Sengu Museum is a museum established in 2012 to introduce the Shikinen Sengu cere…

Activities    Minamiise Town

Ukishima Park Nanto

The area was surrounded by the sea.

Ukishima Park Nanto is fully equipped with guest cottages and campsites. Ukishima, lo…

Culture    Ise City

Jingu Museum of Fine Arts

The concept of looking out across the history of art in Japan.

An art museum established in 1993 to commemorate the 61st Shikinen Sengu. Its exhibit…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Oyako ohashi Bridge

It looks as though the two bridges are joining hands.

The larger of these two bridges is the Nanto ohashi Bridge, and the smaller is known …

Historic Sites etc    Watarai Town


This temple became a major foothold of the Southern Court and Emperor Godaigo

When the imperial family divided into the Southern and Northern Courts in the 1300s, …

Nature    Toba City

Yoroizaki Lighthouse

The white, octagonal concrete tower attracts many visitors.

The lighthouse is located in Kuzaki Town, Toba City. It is Shima Peninsula's easternm…

Nature    Shima City


Located just about at the center of Ago Bay

A small island located just about at the center of Ago Bay with a quiet, tranquil atm…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Mishiodono Jinja

Salt is simmered in salt water from the salt fields of Mishiohama

Mishio-no-mamori-no-kami, or the guardian deity of salt that is dedicated to Ise Jing…

Nature    Shima City

Kou Shirahama

Known as a coastal area good for surfing,

Known as a coastal area good for surfing, it is visited by many surfers throughout th…

Nature    Toba City


A panoramic view of Toba Bay can be enjoyed

Shiroyama is a 40 m mountain. It was the remain of Toba Castle, which no longer exist…

Nature    Shima City

Shima ohashi Bridge

Shima Pearl Bridge

The symbol of Shima City, this is an arch-shaped bridge also known as the Shima Pearl…

What to See & Do    Ise City

Wkamatsuya Kamaboko factory (Kawasaki head quater)

A having the experience the making Kamaboko (boiled fish-paste) or your own chopsticks

You can try the traditional method of KAMABOKO. Wakamatsuya has been doing the busine…

Date: 年末年始以外

Historic Sites    Matsusaka City

Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo

Matsusaka Castle was built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo, and remains a symbol of a city. W…

Dining etc    Toba City

Blanca Toba 【You can buy Shell Leines】

The cakes are baked in the shape of pearl oyster shells.

Shell Leines are butter cakes (Madeleines) made from eggs from Toba and flour made fr…