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Culture    Ise-shi

Front Approach to Meoto-iwa

Japanese-style inns and small modest souvenir shops standing side by side.

The front approach to Meoto-iwa still retains a pronounced early-1900s flavor, with J…

Dining etc    Ise-shi

Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho

Where the Townscape of the Edo Period Reappears

Oharai-machi is the flourishing town in front of the naiku of Ise Jingu. There are ma…

Historic Sites    Meiwa-cho

Saiku Heian Era Park

(Japan Heritage)Reconstructed buildings from the beginning of the 9th century.

Saiku Heian Era Park opened in October 2015 in Yanagihara District, one of the areas …

Activities    Minamiise-cho

Minamiise Taiken World

Minamiise Taiken World offers a variety of programs

Visitors can experience the area's lifestyles as they interact with the people of Min…

Nature    Minamiise-cho

Oyako ohashi Bridge

It looks as though the two bridges are joining hands.

The larger of these two bridges is the Nanto ohashi Bridge, and the smaller is known …

Nature    Toba-shi

Yoroizaki Lighthouse

The white, octagonal concrete tower attracts many visitors.

The lighthouse is located in Kuzaki Town, Toba City. It is Shima Peninsula's easternm…

Dining etc    Ise-shi

Akafuku Mochi

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste.

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste. This unique shape symbolizes…

Dining etc    Toba-shi

Blanca Toba 【You can buy Shell Leines】

The cakes are baked in the shape of pearl oyster shells.

Shell Leines are butter cakes (Madeleines) made from eggs from Toba and flour made fr…

Nature    Toba-shi


Production of dried seafood is a major industry on Sugashima.

Production of dried seafood is a major industry on Sugashima, which receives plenty o…

Culture    Shima-shi

Anori Shrine

The meaning of name is riding on the wave of better fortune safely

Chinese letters 「An」and「Noru」are means safety and ride so Anori shrine means "riding …

Historic Sites etc    Ise-shi

Townscape of Kawasaki

The former kitchen of Ise

During the Edo Period, this town developed into a market for wholesale goods. Referre…

Shopping    Ise-shi

Aeon Ise store

Aeon Ise store also enriches souvenirs of Ise-Shima specialty from daily shopping.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon & 8% tax-free.. The par…

Shopping    Toba-shi

Aeon Toba store

Aeon Toba store is a shopping spot for Ise-Shima tourists and customers in Toba city.

You can buy from food to daily necessities with 5% OFF coupon. As an anchor store of …

Historic Sites    Matsusaka-shi

Matsusaka Castle Ruins

Built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo

Matsusaka Castle was built in 1588 by Ujisato Gamo, and remains a symbol of a city. W…

Historic Sites    Toba-shi

Toba Oo-shoya Kadoya

Contains valuable folk material that honors the history of Toba, including the oldest Japanese-made organ.

Toba Oo-shoya Kadoya (Toba City) Part of the "former Hirono family residence", which …

Activities    Minamiise-cho

Ukishima Park Nanto

The area was surrounded by the sea.

Ukishima Park Nanto is fully equipped with guest cottages and campsites. Ukishima, lo…

Historic Sites    Shima-shi

Saminaga Jinja (Izawanomiya Shokansha)

The jinja is also known as Hootoshi no Yashiro.

This jinja is dedicated to the white-naped crane found bearing ears of rice in its be…

Historic Sites    Tamaki-cho

Kou Jinja

A small shrine enshrined first as Sarutahiko-okami

A small shrine enshrined first as Sarutahiko-okami, a deity of Shinto, at the feet of…