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Historic Sites    Meiwa Town

Saiku Heian Era Park

(Japan Heritage)Reconstructed buildings from the beginning of the 9th century.

Saiku Heian Era Park opened in October 2015 in Yanagihara District, one of the areas …

Culture    Minamiise Town

Contemporary Art Museum Ise

"Uku," the museum’s outdoor sculpture grounds.

The Contemporary Art Museum Ise, which faces Gokasho Bay that is balmy year-round, co…

Culture    Ise City

Matsuo Kannonji

For good luck and protection from bad luck.

The principal object of worship at this 1,300-year-old temple is a statue of the Elev…

Onsen etc    Tamaki Town

ASPIA Tamaki

Soak in spring after get tired

ASPIA Tamaki is a composite facility which containing hot springs, outlet stores, mou…

Culture    Ise City

Jingu Agriculture Museum

National Registered Tangible Cultural Properties.

The Jingu Agriculture Museum, established in 1891, is Japan's oldest museum of indust…

Activities etc    Minamiise Town

Naize Shizenmura

Farm and marine products from Minamiise Town

Farm and marine products from Minamiise Town such as mandarin oranges, honey, laver, …

Historic Sites    Toba City

Hikotaki Daimyojin

Dedicated to the white snake.

Dedicated to the white snake, the grounds of Hikotaki Daimyojin are shrouded in myste…

Historic Sites    Shima City


The betsugu has been worshiped as the guardian of agriculture and fishery from ancient times.

This betsugu, located in Kaminogo, Isobe Town, Shima City, is a betsugu of Naiku, ded…

Activities    Shima City

Umi Hozuki

beach combing and local cuisine cooking classes.

Umi Hozuki offers activities such as beach combing and local cuisine cooking classes.…

Historic Sites etc    Meiwa Town

Saiku Historical Museum

The Saiku Ruins and the history of Saiku and Saio.

This themed museum was opened with the purpose of studying, researching, exhibiting, …

Historic Sites    Ise City


The building is said to represent the epitome of Japanese traditional architecture of the time in its sophisticated design.

Hinjitsu-kan was built in 1887 to entertain and provide accommodation for dignitaries…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Tsurugi Toge

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu. Those who climb "Kyorosa…

Historic Sites    Toba City

Aonominesan Shofukuji

Many Ama divers wear amulets from this temple.

This Buddhist temple has many followers among members of the local fishing community,…

Culture etc    Shima City


There are also many natural hot springs

An island located far within Matoya Bay. Since it is located inside the bay, it has a…

Dining etc    Ise City

Akafuku Mochi

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste.

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste. This unique shape symbolizes…

Historic Sites    Meiwa Town

Itsukinomiya Hall for Historical Experience

Visitors can also enjoy trying on costumes of genuine royalty and nobility, such as 12-layered ceremonial kimono

Visitors to the museum can experience the history and culture of the Heian period, wh…

Nature    Toba City


Historically, the island belonged to a territory responsible for supplying the food used as offerings to Ise Jingu

Sakatejima, is located just 600 m from the mainland. Many islanders today commute to …

Activities    Shima City

Shinju no Sato

Visitors can also try their hand at making accessories from harvested pearls.

Shinju no Sato offers visitors simulated experiences of the various pearl farming pro…

Culture    Shima City

Anori Shrine

The meaning of name is riding on the wave of better fortune safely

Chinese letters 「An」and「Noru」are means safety and ride so Anori shrine means "riding …

Dining etc    Ise City

Oharai-machi and Okage-yokocho

Where the Townscape of the Edo Period Reappears

Oharai-machi is the flourishing town in front of the naiku of Ise Jingu. There are ma…