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Culture etc    Shima City


There are also many natural hot springs

An island located far within Matoya Bay. Since it is located inside the bay, it has a…

Historic Sites etc    Ise City

Townscape of Kawasaki

The former kitchen of Ise

During the Edo Period, this town developed into a market for wholesale goods. Referre…

Historic Sites    Toba City


Widely worshipped by members of the local Ama community

Located on the main approach to Shinmei jinja, Ishigami-san is widely worshipped not …

What to See & Do    Ise City

Futamiura Beach

The First Beach in Japan!

Futamiura beach is the first beach in Japan. This beach has opened in every summer si…

Activities etc    Shima City

Ama Hut SATOUMIAN (Ama Hut Experience)

Enjoying Seafood B.B.Q which is cooked by Ama women diver in Shima city

Ama huts in ISESHIMA are getting popular for foreigners little by little. At STOUMI…

Activities    Shima City

Shima Marineland

Highlights include ocean sunfish, popular for their unique swimming style, and adorable penguins.

The establishment consists of a regular aquarium and a section named "ancient aquariu…

Nature    Shima City


Located just about at the center of Ago Bay

A small island located just about at the center of Ago Bay with a quiet, tranquil atm…

Nature    Toba City


A panoramic view of Toba Bay can be enjoyed

Shiroyama is a 40 m mountain. It was the remain of Toba Castle, which no longer exist…

Activities    Shima City

Umi Hozuki

beach combing and local cuisine cooking classes.

Umi Hozuki offers activities such as beach combing and local cuisine cooking classes.…

Historic Sites    Toba City

Hikotaki Daimyojin

Dedicated to the white snake.

Dedicated to the white snake, the grounds of Hikotaki Daimyojin are shrouded in myste…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Oyako ohashi Bridge

It looks as though the two bridges are joining hands.

The larger of these two bridges is the Nanto ohashi Bridge, and the smaller is known …

Nature    Toba City

Yoroizaki Lighthouse

The white, octagonal concrete tower attracts many visitors.

The lighthouse is located in Kuzaki Town, Toba City. It is Shima Peninsula's easternm…

Dining etc    Ise City

Akafuku Mochi

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste.

A rice cake confection topped with sweet red bean paste. This unique shape symbolizes…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Tsukiyomi-no-miya (Geku Betsugu)

This betsugu is a betsugu of Geku, sacred to Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto.

Located in Miyajiri 1-chome, Ise City, this betsugu is a betsugu of Geku, sacred to T…

Culture    Ise City

Jingu Choko-kan Museum

The Onshouzoku Shinpo items

The Jingu Choko-kan Museum, established in 1909, is a general museum for the history …

Historic Sites etc    Meiwa Town

Saiku Historical Museum

The Saiku Ruins and the history of Saiku and Saio.

This themed museum was opened with the purpose of studying, researching, exhibiting, …

Nature    Shima City

Tomoyama Park

The beautiful rias coastline and uninhabited islands can be seen

A natural park located in the central area of the Ise-Shima National Park and surroun…

Activities    Shima City

Pearl Miki

Visitors can try their hand at harvesting pearls from Akoya pearl oysters on pearl farming rafts.

At Pearl Miki, visitors can try their hand at harvesting pearls from Akoya pearl oyst…

Historic Sites    Ise City

Ise Jingu (Geku)

Contact with Soul of Japan

Geku is dedicated to Toyo'uke-no-omikami. The abundantly green precincts of Geku exte…