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Activities    Minamiise Town

Ukishima Park Nanto

The area was surrounded by the sea.

Ukishima Park Nanto is fully equipped with guest cottages and campsites. Ukishima, lo…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Nankai Tenbo Park

Look around the bays with a girl

You can look the 360°panoramic view of Gokasyo-bay as long as going up 150m stairs. Y…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Tsurugi Toge

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu

A mountain road extending from Minamiise Town to Ise Jingu. Those who climb "Kyorosa…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Oyako ohashi Bridge

It looks as though the two bridges are joining hands.

The larger of these two bridges is the Nanto ohashi Bridge, and the smaller is known …

Culture    Minamiise Town

Contemporary Art Museum Ise

"Uku," the museum’s outdoor sculpture grounds.

The Contemporary Art Museum Ise, which faces Gokasho Bay that is balmy year-round, co…

Activities etc    Minamiise Town

Naize Shizenmura

Farm and marine products from Minamiise Town

Farm and marine products from Minamiise Town such as mandarin oranges, honey, laver, …

Activities    Minamiise Town

Minamiise Taiken World

Minamiise Taiken World offers a variety of programs

Visitors can experience the area's lifestyles as they interact with the people of Min…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Remains of Gokasho Castle

Gokasho Castle was the castle of the powerful local clan, the Aisu, from the 14th to 16th centuries.

Now, the remains of a mountain castle at the top of a small hill surrounded by a bamb…

Culture    Minamiise Town

Aisu no Yakata

Ikosai Aisu is respected by kendo enthusiasts as the founder of kendo.

Ikosai Aisu, a member of the Aisu clan that resided at Gokasho Castle, is respected b…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town

Sengu Jinja

Valuable treasures, such as paintings related to Japanese mythology have been dedicated to this shrine.

Sengu jinja is dedicated to Sarutahiko-okami and is said to have a deep affinity with…

Activities    Minamiise Town

Shima Yacht Harbor

The first chairman of Shima Yacht Harbor is Shintaro Ishihara

Shima Yacht Harbor naturally features a yacht harbor, tennis courts, and accommodatio…

Nature    Minamiise Town

Nakanoiso Observatory

Well known as a sunset viewing point.

An observatory on an island between the Nanto ohashi Bridge and Asoura ohashi Bridge.…

Historic Sites    Minamiise Town


Many women visit the shrine to be blessed with easy deliveries and breast milk.

Long ago, the shintai, an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to…

Dining etc    Minamiise Town

Co., Ltd. Masaya Dekotan Yokan

This is certified as a Minamiise brand product.

This is a jelly that uses mandarin oranges called "Dekotan," which is cultivated in G…